Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goofy kid

It was an ugly day for me, so I thought Id post some funny pictures.

Having recently consented to giving up cycling for exercise (several dogs ran out to 'greet' me on my last ride because of the cooler weather), but still wanting to enjoy my hour alone three days a week, I turned to jogging today. Im going to clarify that I said, JOGGING (not running). It was a lovely jog in the mid-day sun with bright blue, almost autumnal skies, but not quite, since it was still over 80F! Then I tripped, on nothing at all. Nothing at all. Thankfully, wearing sunglasses, I was able to cry the next 5 minutes down the road without anybody noticing. Well that is, unless they looked at the blood pouring out of both of my knees and my hand, thankfully the left hand. I did complete the rest of my 50 minute jog, having stopped crying (reasonably) quickly. So now, with a swollen twisted ankle, a gash out of my left thumb (which is going to be a bi-tch to heal because of its location - cant even tie my own hair up), a huge divot out of my right knee, a graze on my left knee and a serious feeling of self-pity, I wonder what the next 20 weeks has in store for me if I cant get outside and exercise... its going to be a grim winter. Id take being huge through the summer with the outdoor pool right there at my finger tips over a winter of feeling like a beached whale, most likely in her husbands clothes with no physical activity except workout dvds, any day. I love being pregnant, but I HATE not being able to exercise, and Im not an overly nice person to live with without exercise, so please all of you, pity my wonderful husband. It cant be time to be stuck with walking already, not with as much energy as I have and not with this beautiful weather.

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  1. Aww, I wish I could give you a hug! I know how you feel - I hate when I can't exercise either. And I suppose the city pool is closed. Shoot.