Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rain, rain and more rain

I know we needed some rain, but seriously! This much! Henry woke up at 640 this morning and I managed to make him wait til 655am before going to get him. Bundled him into the stroller, much to his disgust, got the dogs all psyched for a walk and when we got outside around 710am it was already sprinkling. Then the rain came, and continued to come, and got worse! Around 4pm it was light enough that the dogs went to the bathroom for the first time, but then it started raining heavily again. So much rain!

We skyped every English-man you can imagine. Baked fresh bagels and then proceeded to eat about 4 each for lunch! Ok, Henry ate just a half a one like usual, but Danny and I pigged out! DInner was no less of a pig out. We attempt to re-create a British favourite; Bangers and Mash. No, not chopped up drug dealers, bangers are sausages and the reason we never have it is because we cant find delicious sausages here in town. They sell some nice ones at Whole Foods in Memphis, but thats a heck of a long way to go for a banger. I bought some pork and garlic sausages (thats what they were called) at the only butchers in town, L Bs Meat Market. It is chorizo. The meal was still really nice but not what we were exactly looking for. Mash was delicious though (I use sour cream with butter, instead of milk), Carrots and green beans were yummy and the onion gravy, well, what more do you need to say. Henry only ate half of two baby carrots. His loss. What kind of a kid doesnt like mash potato!?

The best part of the day was when Danny and Henry splashed in the puddles in the rain! Twice! Henry had a great time and they came in just intime before another serious down pour. It was pretty hard to explain to Henry why we couldn't play outside and at one point this morning he just stood at the back door looking out for about 15 minutes. Poor little fellow.

Maybe the rain will stop tomorrow and maybe Ill get to go out on my bike as I had planned today. Then the sleepy bliss ends Tuesday when I start my new job. Not overly excited, rather enjoyed playing with my baby for two weeks. OH and on the new baby front, we think its a boy now. We looked at pictures from being pregnant with Henry and my belly is exactly the same, all below the belly button, or Bee Bo and Henry likes to call it (we have a Bee Bo book).

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