Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Job News

My first two days at work for Cardno Entrix have been great. It was a little slow Tuesday morning but our boss came in Tuesday afternoon and we visited our new office, which has a balcony overlooking the square. The afternoon sun was warm and welcoming.

Dinner Tuesday was great fun. Much to my surprise and excitement, Danny suggested walking to dinner. We had a babysitter and left the just after bed time for H. We ate at Boure with the whole group and our new boss. The mood was light and jovial and we shared three delicious desserts at the end! Danny and I had a lovely stroll home! This wife is so easy to please!

With our boss here today, work was a bit more on the go, but equally good. We convened at my house because the office isnt ready and the coffee shop was super busy. Danny brought us sandwiches for lunch and I ran some work errands around town on my bike in the afternoon. I look pretty funny now with this big old belly hanging down over my legs when Im riding. Definitely looking pregnant these days!

Glad of my day with Henry tomorrow. We have gymnastics first thing in the morning, then a brunch date with Knox and Lana, some play time Im sure, lunch with Papa, nap time, more play time, dinner, bath and bed! The life of a 14 month old is ever busy!

After the exciting week of walking last week, Henry now refuses to walk without holding at least one of our hands. He is getting two new teeth on the bottom jaw and has rather a varried volcabulary. He says; bath, baby, diaper, water, Maa (milk) not to mention Mama, Mummy and Papa, and Im sure there are some words in there I have forgotten. My little baby is growing up!

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