Thursday, September 15, 2011


Thursdays are my new favourite day of the week!

I got a lie in until 650am this morning, walked the dogs without the stroller and generally had a nice time waking up. Must have been growing a lot yesterday because today no rib cage or hip pains! Fantastic! We got to have breakfast with Papa then we cycled to the rec center for baby gymnastics. On to the coffee shop where we had tea and the kids played in the foyer between the shops. The boys were out voted this time as there were three little girls to play with! We wandered around the square as we had to buy a birthday present for Sophia, then lunch with Papa and nap time for H, while I played in the yard. Unfortunately they canceled my hair cut so I am still straggly! We have to hit up the post office and the grocery store this afternoon so we will be busy! Danny and I decided to forgo the posh dinner out and get something quick to make it to the 7pm movie. Im not thrilled that we are going to see an action thriller type movie but it seems thats our only option because Im not going to a horror movie. I think this will really make Danny happy, we havent been to see a movie since H was born.

Speaking of, I hear my little man waking up now!

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