Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turned out to be a nice day

When Henry was being fussy at 730am yesterday morning and it was STILL raining, I was a little worried about the rest of the day, and the sanity of the five of us (dogs were a little stir crazy with the weather too), but it actually turned out to be a lovely day on Bramlett Boulevard.

Henry and I took the dogs to the park in the light rain because I knew other wise they wouldnt go outside. We played a little in the house and he and Danny played outside in the puddles again, though it was cold this time and I had to warm his little feet up when he came in. He did look cute in his little yellow rain jacket though! When he is walking I might get him some wellies (rubber boots) so we can go splashing around. Dragging him away from the door where he sat banging to go outside was a little hard, but he got over it.

Danny got the wardrobes outfitted with our new organisation systems and we actually moved into our bedroom! Slept in it last night! Its very pretty, light and airy. I will get some new bedsheets for a fresh start and we never had any bedroom furniture at the other house, so Ill need to go buy some bedside tables and maybe a little chez longe or a couch or something. The only bummer with sleeping there is that its close enough to Henrys room that I hear EVERY little move or noise he makes, the perils of being the mummy I guess, and a light sleeper to boot. He must have been having a nice dream around 5am because he had a little giggle to himself. So cute.

The new baby was being feisty yesterday, so much so that Danny could feel it doing summersaults in my tummy!

Danny had the great idea to go out to lunch, just to get out of the house, so we had fantastic Newk's salads and generally enjoyed each others company for a change.

In the afternoon the sun came out and Henry and I cruised up and down the sidewalk with his walker. Got some cute pictures but I have to wait for Danny to download his camera, maybe later.

First day at work today...

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