Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Memphis Airshow last Saturday

Future heart breaker...

I probably forgot to tell you, but H is officially walking now, and getting up on his own from a seated position. Even remaining standing when obnoxiously 'kissed' by Tux (our 110lb dog).

He really didnt like the sound of the jets and ran to me screaming every time they flew over. We couldnt get him to wear the headphones or ear plugs we had brought for him. But he liked watching the quiet planes and when they were far enough away that the noise didnt bother him.

Here you see that he did not want to put his sandwich box down! Cream cheese sandwiches sure are hard to come by, someone might steal it!

Yes, I realise he needs a haircut. Depending on what time he gets up, we might go this afternoon...

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