Monday, April 6, 2009

Fingers crossed people!

There is rumored to be a freeze tonight and I simply cant go round covering everything in my garden! I covered some hydrangeas that were small enough to cover, the elephant ear bulbs, even though I dont know if they are coming back or not, and the marigold seedlings. Let's hope it all survives!  I ran around the yard taking pictures of everything tonight just incase its a hard freeze and it kills the beautiful azalea blooms that cover my garden right now.  Hopefully Ill get around to posting those soon, but by the time Id planted some bushes Id been given and walked those dogs, it was already pretty late.

By my calculations, this should hopefully be our last freeze of the year so I will get to start those corn rows and beans that Ive been excited to try this year! Got a lot of vegetable patch work to do first though... got to formulate my timed irrigation system to keep the garden going when Im not here, and Ive got to build some frames for the beans. Never a dull moment with a garden!

It pays off though, we will be eating a spinach and winter lettuce salad wednesday night all organically grown in my front yard!

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