Monday, April 20, 2009

Talented folks

We are some talented folks! We lost our first softball game tonight 11-1. wow! Its kinda not fair though, there are three Brits on the team who dont even know the rules. We are having an emergency practice tomorrow night. I guess some people actually want to try and win at some point this season. Danny and I are in it for the fun though, luckily, coz I dont think we will win a game!

It was a lovely relaxing yet productive weekend. Saturday I cleaned both bathrooms and ironed Danny's shirt all before yoga. Chilled out at yoga, had lunch with my particularly handsome husband, did the grocery shopping, bought 16 tomato plants and 10 bell pepper plants, went to softball practice, vacuumed and tidied the house. phew. The girlies came over for a totally random dinner that only girls can do! I roasted butternut squash in honey, lemon, cinnamon and ginger with hazelnuts and raisins. Meg made an awesome salad. It was so awesome I have absolutely no clue what was in it! I seem to remember sweet potato, a small bean, quinoa, bell peppers, avocado and tons of other stuff. Megan brought cous cous which we tossed with some green onions and kum kwats and Tasha made a delicious sweet thing for dessert, a raspberry crisp. We polished off a bottle of Zinfandel and sewed, crocheted and plain old chilled together all night long.

Danny got in late saturday from his wedding, so by the time he woke up sunday morning I had already planted some of my new veggies before the rain, unpacked the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and shaved Tux (he looks so stinkin cute when his hair is short! Ill get you a picture soon, I promise). All of that by 1030am! I then made Danny french toast, although I have no idea what is french about it and popped in and out in the yard between storms. Got the tomatoes and peppers planted.  Got some sunflower seeds and corn in the ground and some mounds of dirt in for the butternut and spaghetti squash. We just have to sit tight and wait for it all to grow now!  When it starts to look good, Ill take you a photo. I just hope the deer dont chow down on it while Im away. We might have to get a roster of folks with dogs to have them walk around peeing on things each day to scare the deer away!

Oh and I also managed to clean out the fridge and the Tupperware random kitchen cupboard. Its amazing the little things that become hard when you share your house with someone. Every time I had whittled the food stocks down in the fridge and was about to clean it, our lodger would do her grocery shopping so I couldnt clean it after all. Its just the little things that are nice about living on your own again!

Our latest challenge is trying to get a refund on our vacation flights to England this summer. In a frenzy of people fussing that the flight prices would go up, we bought our tickets as soon as they were available. It cost us a whopping $3200 to fly to the UK in June. Oh mum, why does your  birthday have to be at peak season! So now of course the flights are around $1600 for two, instead of one. We are trying to cancel the first flight and re-buy them at the far cheaper price, since you cant jet get refunded. We shall see! Its Danny's mission this week!  Good luck old chap!

This week is Earth week and tomorrow is bike to lunch day. I usually bike to work, but dont usually eat lunch, so it should be fun. Anyone that wants to join, meet at the Union on Campus at noon and we will ride from there.  I dont know where we are going but you get 25% off at Old Venice, Proud Larrys or Two Stick. It should be fun!

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  1. Sounds like a very fun, productive weekend!!