Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tiring saturday

Well, its that time of  year again in Oxford... Today was the annual Double Decker festival in Oxford. I personally think it is highly overrated, but thats just me.  Our day began at 6am when our alarms rudely woke us.  We had to set up tents at the cycling club Spring Ride starting point by 7am. ugh.  There were lots of volunteers there by 8am so I was able to ride too, which was great.  There seemed to be some confusion about the start and the group I wanted to ride with left before I even realised that the ride had begun.  But I had also wanted to ride with our out of town friends from Columbia, Missouri, JP Vinsen.  He has been riding with some old guys whenever he comes to town and I felt that it was high time that he got a good ride! So I selfishly lured him away from the old guys and we completed a 50 mile ride with 16mph winds with an average of 20mph. Dont tell me that isnt freakin awesome!  Good job JP, made some awesome pulls dude!  Ready for another one tomorrow morning?

Well after the awesome ride, I came home and ate lunch sitting on my back porch in speckled sunlight.  Awesome!  Watered the vegetables and got showered up and into a nice linen dress. I even washed my hair!!!  It never fails, whenever I wash my hair, someone always comments on how nice it looks and did I do anything different. Yes I did something different, I washed it! ha!

I then had to break down the tents and tables that the bike club had used. ugh. Clean up was pretty easy and swift though.

I then walked to the square and straight on through the chaos of people and artsy fartsy over-priced booths of crap and headed straight to Meg's Place.  She wasnt in yet so we wandered the booths and decided that yes, everything there was in fact pointless or overpriced.  We then went back to Meg's to drink Margaritas (me) and Pimms and lemonade (Danny and Rory). Awesome! oh and destroy her delicious guacamole. Thanks Meg.

I popped over to the farmers market and picked up some sweet potatoes.  I have wanted to make a cake for a while, then Summer posted about sweet potatoes and I thought, we grow those here in Mississippi and I know who sells them.  So despite never having cooked or tasted a sweet potato cake, Im going to make one tomorrow. I had wanted to make it tonight, but I am just too tired.  I bought my last four tomato plants, two different heirloom varieties, one of which was a plum lemon and I just cant remember the other.  I then went looking for hose stakes at Home Depot but they were a fortune so I decided to use the money I would have spent on those to buy a much more appropriately priced oakleaf hydrangea for the back and I figured out a way to make some hose stakes out of materials I have at home!

Tomorrows job is a very important one.  I must have a fully functioning irrigation system for my vegetables by the end of tomorrow.  I also have to make a cake and a side to take over to Andrew's house for their pool party.  I have to plant those azaleas I bought last week and hopefully get some weeding, feeding and mulching done.  I also need to make us some bread as we demolished our two loaves this week.  Its terrible having delicious fresh bread in the house!

The good news on the vegetable patch is that most of the beans are showing the heads already!

Its going to be a busy sunday. 

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  1. Hey,

    Your weekend sounds lovely. I am still loving this blog and that I get to hear about all your goings on.

    Well... I went to the Camden Crawl on Friday and saw some amazing bands. I saw the Virgins at like 6pm - they were okay. Then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs came out and they were actually amazing. I danced like a crazed monkey in the mosh pit and jumped around woo hooo. I got to meet Suggs and Madness - they were nice guys and they played in the streets of Camden amazing!! I saw the Animals in the street who are really good too. Then we went to see Kitty, Daisy and Louis which are a family band and they play loads of instruments - I think Danny would really like this band. Later on in the evening I saw VV Brown who is okay too. I headed to Light Bar in Liverpool Street at about ten to meet some friends but they were all too drunk to communicate so I left. I headed to Brick Lane to the Big Chill and ended up in this weird underground club until the early hours with other friends.

    On Saturday I stayed home with Becks and we went to the supermarket and had sea bass for dinner and I made a very nice Pea and Ham soup.

    Can you believe we are going on holiday soon?

    Saturday night I went to a club with Deren and his mates. It was so funny!! Then yesterday about ten of us went down the pub and had some really nice lunch. It was really cool to see everyone and then we went back to the house and got dinner with the girls. I passed out in bed with my pjs on at 2130. What an old couple we are!! ha ha.