Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road rage?

This is in honour of the nasty man on his way into town from Clear
Creek early this afternoon.

I was riding back from CC and was almost to the 3-way where you would turn left to get to College Hill. This old guy with his obese wife in the passenger seat of his gold Ford pickup, honked his horn three times and yelled "get out of the damn road", as he drove past me. If you are going to exhibit road rage to a cyclists, dont do it when you are about to have to stop at a 3-way. So of course I caught up to him and yelled "I dont think so" as I went past. I ended up three cars ahead of him. Then when the other cars had passed me again, I obnoxiously pulled out into the middle of my lane and proceeded to ride there, taking up as much room as I could! So he rode behind me laying on his horn from about 100 yards past the 3-way to the top of that small hill on the way back into town (about 3-5 minutes for those that dont know). As he finally went passed (my ears were ringing) I gave him the biggest smile I could muster, teeth and all. If you are going to be ignorant, sir, I shall be obnoxious! Share the road!

I hope no one else was riding in town at that time and had to deal
with him.

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