Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ugh. Thursdays

I had such a very bla day today.

The only good things that happened to me today was my sunny lunchtime run and eating tasty snack food chatting to Tasha at the Chamber of Commerce event this evening. But Ive got a tummy ache from that now, so maybe it wasnt a good thing after all!

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  1. Oh dear. Blah days are never good. Wash it away and start a new day with a happy smile from your little sister. Love you millions and millions and gazillions.

    I went out last night to this amazing thing called La Clique. It was so cool. I think you and Danny would have loved it. It was like a burlesque show but with the circus too. It was so cool Lauren!!!

    I am going to see Russell Brand tonight with Bex and my brand new housemate Grace.

    Hope you have a better day today!