Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a day

Well, if you thought you had a heck of a day...

My day did begin with a nice walk with the dogs first thing. 

Then the craziness began.  Our first meeting begun at 830am. At 1020am we were allowed to break briefly for tea. Then I had a conference call at 1030am for which the lady who called the conference call was 20 minutes late. Then the second meeting begun at 1130am til someone called for lunch. 

I did manage to sneak in a quick 5 mile run around town for lunch! Yeay for seeing the sun!

The third meeting begun at 215pm and ended when we all became incoherent around 415pm. Wow! Bleary eyed or what!  I am, however, surprised to report that it was in fact, one of our more successful meetings and I actually feel like we made progress. Unfortunately though, our boss didnt get through every thing he wanted to get through, so I suppose there will be another meeting sometime this week! 

I didnt ride this afternoon as I had planned, but instead finished building my bean support trellis and sowed some seeds. We have a 10ft wide trellis now, soon to be supporting soy beans, sugar snap peas, speckled butter beans and pole beans. I hope it works!

So, my first iris bloomed yesterday, and another two today. So of course, I took some pictures!

I also thought you might like to see the broccoli and lettuce even though its all in its baby stages still.


And finally, if you ever have left overs and random vegetables that you dont know what to do with, then I suggest a fried rice style dinner, which is what I had tonight. Rice from dinner the other day, carrots, kale, corn, peas, ginger (of course) and garlic. Oh, and soy sauce, lemon juice and some cashews thrown in for good luck. Delicious, quick and easy! 


Danny however wanted a burger and fries, and I just thought they looked so cute in their pan.



  1. Hey,

    did have a busy day didn't you.

    Well I had yet another mind numbingly boring 9 hour stint at Redactive.

    I went home and cooked up some chicken wings - yummy in my tummy. Then I went to the pub and watched the Arsenal game with a few of my mates and saw my friend Chris because he has been in Florida for three weeks. He bought a super cool T shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. I am wearing for work today woo hoo!!!

    I am going on a date tonight with a guy called Deren Zaglul which has annoyed mummy (so funny) because she thinks she thinks I am going to end up with a muslim or some foreign type ha ha.

  2. Apologies for my terrible grammar in today blog. I am very hungry and thinking about heading to the greasy spoon.

    So excited about our trip to France now. Not long to go.