Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring garden update

Last week I ran around late one evening taking pictures of everything I feared I might lose if there was a frost.  In the eventuality, we lucked out, but here are the pictures anyway!

Not usually one to brag, but I hit some fliers at softball tonight!


  1. Hey, pictures look so lovely!!! Well done for saving all your plants.

    I went to IKEA last night and bought a shelf and some wine glasses woo hoo!!!

    We also have a brand new housemate called Grace who moved in on sunday so we all sat in my room last night getting to know Grace and having a good old girlie gossip.

    Well excited today because I have booked camden crawl next weekend. Amazing. Check it out dude....http://www.thecamdencrawl.com/

    Also going to book this for the next Bank Holiday...


    Going to see Russell Brand on Friday too I cannot wait.

  2. Oh forgot to tell you that the Satay sauce did not go down well with the girls. It just tasted boring!!

  3. Im telling you... put more spice in. Thats the trick. When you get ready the amount of garlic or ginger you need, double it. Same always goes with vanilla extract or cinnamon. In my opinion!

  4. I agree with the vanilla and cinnamon advice for sure. So I tried the citrus dressing last night. I have no idea what amounts of things I threw together in a bowl, but it was delicious and won rave reviews from JP. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Awesome! try it over steamed greens too like kale and collards! GLad to share!