Friday, April 17, 2009

What a week

Well folks. This awful week has finally come to an end. I shall attempt to have a relaxing saturday; yoga, lunch with my wonderful husband, dinner and chit chat with my girl friends, and if we are feeling daring, 80s dance night in town!

Say good bye to this week. Au revoir. Lets just vow never to have another week like this one.

To make myself feel better, I shall buy lots of tomato plants for my garden tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear lovely sister. Sorry to hear that last week was so pooey but I hope that this week is going to be better for you. Sending all the little sister love in me across the water. Love you x x x x

    I went to see Russell Brand on Friday which was quite funny, but a little drawn out. Jack Black and Jason Seagul were there filming a second scene from forgetting Sarah Marshall. I got to meet Jack Black and he was quite nice. To be honest though an hour and a half of Russell Brand was quite enough for me.

    On saturday I had lunch with Clare and then watched movies with her all day. Lovely. I worked in the bar on Saturday night and had to look after some tv stars which was quite funny because they all got very drunk ha ha. I went clubbing after work.

    Yesterday I went out for lunch with Dad and his girlfriend and then headed to meet my friends for drinks in a beer garden. Got a bit tipsy and headed home last night about half ten