Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had lots of crazy pregnancy dreams in the first trimester, but they have dwindle somewhat and I just sleep really really hard when Im asleep, or I lay in bed awake with sore hips.

Sunday night I dreamt about eating at Subway, you know, the sandwich place. I didn't dream about any particular sandwich, as Im not prone to eating at Subway, but I dreamt about being in a Subway store and someone making me a sandwich. It really made me laugh when I woke up because I have never dreamed about food before! Ive woken up in the night hungry, Ive even woken up in the night and sent Danny to the kitchen to get me some food, but I havent dreamed about it, especially something so specific and that I dont usually eat. Maybe I should go get a sandwich!?

Four daffodils are now in bloom.

I feel like death today.

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