Friday, February 19, 2010


I apologise in advance, but I am going to have a little moan here;

I woke up in the middle of the night, sometime around 3-4am just so uncomfortable, I could not sleep. That was it, no more sleep for me. I guess I had been spoiled recently by sleeping all night long. Ugh. So then when my alarm eventually went off (even though I was already awake) I then nodded off, helpful. I am almost catatonic today. Useless heap of skin.

Other news;

I tried swimming last night, and lets just say, it was not the freeing experience I had thought it would be. All you read, all everyone talks about, is how in water you don’t notice all the extra weight and its so comfortable and lovely. Well, let me tell you, I hated it last night. My new bathing suit fits fine, so that was a plus. I managed to swim 38 laps in sets of ten, so I suppose I got some exercise in. On a day to day basis, I feel no pressure on my stomach or hips and I don’t yet feel super heavy. I have started getting some minor lower back aches, bit its not such a big deal right now. But no pain or pressure anywhere at any time. So I get into the pool, push off and there is this incredible pressure/pain on my lower abdomen. Almost either like I had to pee desperately (which I didnt) or like I was wearing really tight clothing (which I wasn’t). It was so uncomfortable. Anyways, I powered through.

Why did I do an odd 38 laps if I was swimming sets of 10? Suddenly I had to vomit. Vomit. I haven’t puked once in this pregnancy. So I flopped onto my back and floated back to my drink and shoes. I had some cold water and just stood in the pool. Eventually managed to heave my massive self out of the water and had to just sit there on the side of the pool until the room stopped spinning. Standing up and putting on my shoes was also a slow experience as I was worried about falling over. I asked the life guard girly if it was always this hot in the water and she said they don’t know what happened that day but it was 91F! No wonder I almost passed out. Anyways, I have to wash my hair mid-week generally so Im going to give it another few shots in the up coming weeks, see if cooler water is any better, but I have to say, I enjoyed the gym (which I hate) a whole lot more than swimming and felt like I got more of a work out.

Munch had an active night partying. I made some good progress on the sock, read a little and went to bed at a reasonable time. Just wish Id gotten more sleep!

Sorry for the moan!

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