Thursday, February 18, 2010

20 weeks pregnant!

20 weeks.

5 months.


Its hard to imagine I am already half-way through the pregnancy of our first child, and that it seems like Ive been pregnant forever!

Ive learned a few things recently.

I finally look pregnant! But Ive learned that in order for other people to realise that Im pregnant and dont just have a beer-belly, I have to dress in a certain way. I was wearing baggy, loose clothing, but this just makes me look short and fat. I guess I am these things, but Im fat for a reason; a reason Im proud of. Ive discovered that if you wear a tighter top, but Im not talking lycra, skin-tight, stretching at the seams tight, just form fitting, or tie looser sweaters under the boobs or wear empire waists, it actually makes you look pregnant when you want to.

Ive learned that two pillows stuffed behind your back really helps back ache when you sit at a desk all day, and that two pillows between your legs when you sleep stops your hips hurting.

Ive learned that small dinners are the only way forward.

Ive learned that I cannot run more than a mile without crippling my feet. This was an important thing to learn last friday, as I have now had to explore other forms of exercise.

Which leads to learning that even if I had wanted to still be riding my bike to work and around town, I would not be able to. I worked out on a stationary bike at the gym, which was really fun, but I tried to lean foward to grab the other handle bars and I couldnt reach because I would squish my belly. So unless I bought a cruiser bike, I cant ride any of my current bikes, and Im just not ready to spend money on a bike I dont really want for a few months of use.

I have learned that baby doesnt like mummy to have quiet time, but at least I learned this lesson early! When ever I sit down to relax is when Munch decides it wants to party. Its fun and I love it, Im not complaining at all, I just realised last night in a yoga class that it was rather perfectly timed. We sat down cross-legged and closed our eyes to get in the right place for the class and Munch was playing football with something down there. Then in the resting pose at the end, during which I almost fell asleep, Munch was turning somersaults! Both instances made me smile and definitely lightened my mood, so I guess helped me relax after all!

I have learned how much is too much for my shared body and how insanely important drinking water is. Sunday we went shopping in Memphis and since we were just wandering round, I forgot to drink. Then I just collapsed onto a bench and made Danny go get some water which I downed in seconds, before feeling much better! And Monday I had to take a break and get a snack after cleaning all morning, ending with mopping the kitchen floor.

Ive learned that ridiculous things make me cry and I cant stop until Danny cuddles me. Such as finding that he had left one sock out of the laundry basket on the floor at the weekend, only to realise that I had washed the darks without that one sock and now had an odd sock. Well that and the fact that Danny joked that it was my fault that the sock wasnt in the laundry. After some hysterical fits of tears, I managed to explain that I already feel inadequate, not being able to do all of the things I have always done and that being reminded of that, even in jest, just makes me feel more inadequate and useless. So hopefully jokes like this wont be made again!

I have learned that afternoon naps will change your world!

I have learned that there is masses and masses of baby crap out there that you have to filter through and determine what you actually need. And that still baby stuff is just so expensive. But that making registries is really fun! I have made one at Target and Amazon, with a little tiny list at Babies R Us.

Oh, so I have also learned that Babies R Us is about 30% more expensive than anywhere else you can buy baby stuff.

Ive learned that my dogs most definitely know there is something different about me. Tux, my large Rottweiller type dog used to paw at my stomach before I was pregnant, but now he will only paw my shoulder or my thigh (when Im sitting down - he isnt that big!). Mojo, my smaller, fluffier dog doesnt usually jump up at people, but often has these hyper-excited episodes where he runs circles around the house barking in his play tone. The other day he did go to jump on me and before Danny could even yell at him, he spread his legs out and kinda splatted into me with the side of his face because after he started to jump, he realised he couldnt hit me! So cute! How do they know these things.

During the 21st week of pregnancy the baby is producing blood cells through its own bone marrow and practicing eating amniotic fluid, from which it can even digest sugars (tasty!). I can look forward to varicose veins and urinary tract infections. Speaking of, I have also learned that if you lean forward after you think you are done peeing, more pee comes out, helping to prevent that lovely UTI!

At this stage of pregnancy I feel great! Exercising is fun, though requires longer recovery time and more stretching afterwards. If I stay up a little later than I want to, I sleep much better throughout the night.

oh and as far as pictures of the bump go, I should be able to post one tomorrow. We took some pictures in a hurry Tuesday lunchtime so Im just waiting for him to send one to me! I must warn you though, there isnt too much to see right now! Perhaps Munch is shy.

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