Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthy cravings

Don't get me wrong, Im not talking about crazy so-called pregnancy "cravings" here, no gherkin perched on top of a scoop of ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and nacho cheese, or anything disgusting like that. Pregnant or not pregnant, if you are craving healthy things, I think there is a reason for it.

When I went shopping this week I had to have avocados and walnuts. Being the lazy person I am these days, I bought pre-made guacamole, a bag of walnut halves and a bag of chopped walnuts. The chopped walnuts have been going into my oatmeal and the guacamole is already gone. Apparently at this stage in pregnancy (18 weeks today!) fats are really important. And where would you suppose the best source of healthy fats is, you guessed it, avocados and walnuts! I learnt this information after I had eaten the entire packet of guacamole to myself (over 4 days though!).

I dont really eat that much meat, but on the rare occasions I want beef (perhaps once a month, or these days, maybe twice a month) I have to eat beef. Last week we had a delicious saturday night dinner of pan-fried steaks (from my organic man in Pontotoc, of course), mash swede (rutabega) and carrots, then I had collards and Danny had brocolli (can't get my current baby to eat collards, but at least he will eat a different form of greens).

I have been thinking a lot lately about what flavours of baby food I am going to make, and when is it too early to start making them for the freezer? Any suggestions on delicious sounding blended food combinations? Or how long things can be kept in the freezer? I think the thing that's hard for me to remember right now, is that I may be having a baby in July, but it will not be moving on to even mushed solid food for several months (exact information I have yet to learn on this subject!). So perhaps it is too soon for me to be putting food up in the freezer! Although I am working on emptying the freezer of unnecessary foods that it currently contains.


  1. You can get most of the information you are looking for at, and we only just started solids (and not that regularly) so you will have plenty of time...relatively speaking, and it shouldn't be kept in the freezer that long.

  2. Hey girl, I am queen of blended foods (since I have my mixer, everthing goes in it).

    But all my recipes includes loads of spices etc.. which you obviously have to remove for the baby (or do you?).

    Anyway I think you can mix any kind of veg, and it be good. Zuccinni and potato, carrots, pumpkin, etc...

    Impressed with the running!

    xx Anais.