Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Wonderful thing happened last night...

Please do not be confused. The excruciating pain I was in from my (hopefully) 24 hour stomach virus yesterday afternoon/evening was not the wonderful thing that happened to us last night. It was horrid, in fact. I am, however, hoping it was a stomach bug and not a bladder/kidney infection, only time will tell, I guess.

Don't worry though. I had a very attentive nurse. My lovely husband made me endless cups of fresh ginger lemon tea, brought me a hot water bottle for my back and made me dinner full of ginger. I then sat on the couch all night long. Fingers crossed, that did the trick!

No, the wonderful thing that happened last night was that Danny felt the baby kick and punch! It's a lot earlier than I thought he would feel it! At first, with his hand on my stomach, I would say, 'did you feel that?' and he would just look at me, disappointed. Then the kick was harder and he realised that the little pow pow under his hand wasn't a fart moving around! The baby punched also, I guess evident by where the movement was coming from.

So despite the excruciating abdominal pain, we were not worried about the baby because it was still playing around on its usual schedule! Yeay for the little joys in life!

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