Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have had to officially give up running longer distances, my feet just hurt too much. I think its a combination of the extra weight Im carrying around and the hormone relaxin which, funny enough, relaxes all of your joints and ligaments. This is causing my foot to splay more. After a long 6 mile jog/walk with the dogs at the trails on a beautiful Friday afternoon of sunshine and 50F (funny in itself since it snowed all day monday!), I actually couldnt walk into the kitchen from the couch to get a drink. Well that was the last straw.

So last night I had to venture into the gym, my nemesis place. ugh. Its so surreal in a gym, especially if your music has the right beat. There was one song I was listening to last night, during which everyone in the room seemed to be bopping and bouncing to the music in my head. I still ran a mile on the track to warm up and just get it out of my system, but that was definitely my limit, and even that caused my feet some pain. I tried three different aerobic machines, I have no idea what any of them are called. I did not enjoy the stair climbing one at all and will attempt a different one as my third machine next time. An hour of more relaxed aerobic activity is, I suppose, better than crippling my feet.

I also have purchased a maternity tankini from Target for $11 (steal!) which should do me for some time. Going to test the waters tomorrow.

Im all alone in the world for the next two weeks as that husband of mine is in sunny Sacramento, CA. Believe it or not, there is a hole in the runway at Atlanta airport and they got stuck there overnight, but finally made it to Sac this morning, tired and weary. Ive a busy week though, so that should make time fly!

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