Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures from within!

On friday we went for our monthly check up. 18 weeks.

At 18 weeks you are able to find out the gender of your kid, but we are keeping it a surprise. Fortunately, we were still given an ultrasound; now Ginger, the ultrasound tech, knows what we are having, other than a baby!

Heartbeat 146 bpm.

Head is by my belly button, butt down by the pubic region.

During the whole thing, Munch was just chillin', then at the end, it raised its hand to its face and the ultrasound tech thinks it started sucking its thumb!

I actually get close to tears just seeing these pictures.

What I find funny is that I can comfortably run 4, 8-minute miles like any other person, but I need help getting out of the car, a boost to get up off the couch and feel like a turtle on its back trying to get out of bed! Whats that all about!?

I got rescued from the cold by my good buddy Tasha this week, who donated some beautiful and warm sweaters. Now Im kicking back, all toasty like! Thanks Tash!

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  1. The ultra sound pictures are priceless! I'm so anxious for this baby to arrive so we can know him/her!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnacy. I also had that stomach bug and didn't like it at all! Glad you are feeling better.