Thursday, July 7, 2011

A day like anyother

Our first day in our new house was almost like any other day for Henry and I. All except we walked to the park around 9am to play on the swings, make some friends and slide the slide. That was a fun way to start the day and I'm sure how we will pretty much start all of our days off together from now on! We popped to the store where he proceeded to have a tantrum. These have been become more frequent lately and I dont really even notice, I just pick him up; well, that has got to stop. So yesterday I gently told him that nice little boys didn't behave that way and he was going to remain sitting in the trolley because he was fine. He screamed for the length of time it took me to chose a water filter and then got bored of it. I know he is fine, its just remembering to leave him when he screams bloody murder and not to do the automatic thing, pick him up. We are going to have to start 'time outs' for bad behaviour too as the more he learns, the more frustrated he gets when he cant place the puzzle piece in the right spot, for instance. He then proceeds to hit everything in sight and scream. Not going to fly little man. I just have to remember to deal with this behaviour.

It took me an entire nap time to sweep and mop the living space - did I mention I hate hard wood floors. I was just thinking about sitting down when a little voice started talking to me from his bedroom. oh well. I did buy this fantastic thing called a Rubbermaid Reveal though. Its basically a big broom type thing but with a microfiber cloth on the end and you spray water in front of it to mop the floor. Its quicker, uses less water and you get to wash the cloth when you are done for the next wash. I had it all clean and then when I walked the dogs at the park this morning before work, they trailed sand and morning dew back into the house, making it instantly filthy again. Looks like mopping is going to become a multi-week job for me. ugh.

Another major draw back of this new house is the somewhat lacking air conditioning. I had it set to 69F all day and it made it down to 73F. It blows a gale in the bathroom but the living room (where we currently sleep until the bedrooms are renovated - remember, waiting on the windows...) only had two vents and gets rather warm.

The biggest draw back of all (until the school semester starts up of course, and traffic is bumper to bumper at 8am and 3pm) is the ant situation. I watched the little army walk around the bait traps I set out last night. ugh.

But it really is a nice place to live. Our neighbour came by last night to bring us cookies and invite us to the neighbourhood party of the year at their house saturday night, which is terribly unfortunate because we wont be here. Shame, that really would have been a great way to get to know the neighbours. Though when our house finally becomes presentable, Ill have a party too!

Our new washing machine and drier are not only beautiful, but fantastic. Quiet, water efficient, quick.

The fridge is beautiful, though looks a little silly in the play room, where it will stay until we get a kitchen. Speaking of, it is the most poorly designed kitchen I have ever had the misfortune to use! I am so glad we are getting rid of everything in it!

Re-reading this, it really is silly the things that make a (or this) woman happy. Beautiful appliances, walking at the park...

oh and then in the afternoon we went to the pool where Henry was, as usual, the center of attention. So much so that all of the little children that wanted to play with him were using me as a jungle gym. Definitely made me realise I don't need 4 or 5 children, since I was keeping track of my son, generally had about two little kids climbing on my back for a piggy back and then two more wanting me to watch them swim. Tiring. Dinner time was hilarious yesterday too! I made pasta shells in homemade marinara with zucchini and squash. I tossed some cheese cubes in it too. So Henry starts out picking out the cheese cubes. I stabbed a shell with a fork and tried to feed it to him and he was typically very dubious of what that woman was trying to get him to eat so he picked it off the fork with his little fingers and carefully placed it to his lips. Then he ate once shell at a time carefully, then he lost all caution and was shovelling entire handfuls of pasta into his mouth! At the point at which he started to throw it on the floor, I decided we were done, though Mojo was enjoying the freebies. We had a bath and started to play. Papa came home and got a plate of pasta, sitting down with us in the living room/bedroom. Henry was like a whippit, over to Danny, standing up between his legs shovelling Dannys food into his mouth too! We had to take the plate away in the end! But you watch, when I try and feed him the same meal tonight, he will refuse to eat it! Babies!

Looking forward to actually spending some time with Danny on vacation next week, though even so, he will be at a photography class during the day. I just have missed him so much recently, he is always moving something.

Bramlett Boulevard, we are officially a part of your world now!

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