Monday, July 4, 2011

I never thought Id say this

I never thought Id say this... But today, I hate my cloth nappies (diapers). Well, perhaps its not the nappies I hate, but the fact that Henry has worked out how to get them off. And yes, he had already done a huge poo poo in it. And yes, he did smear it over all of the teddy bears in his crib, all over his legs and arms and all over his crib. I went in there to get him up from his nap and I could smell it when I walked into the room. I thought that I had got lucky and it was an unusually small poo poo because there was just a little spot of it that I could see, until I picked him up and peeled back his binky (comfort blanket) and low and behold, there was the dookie of all dookies staring at me. Since blueberries come out the other end whole (probably just because he eats so many of them) I was rather concerned that he might have re-eaten the blueberries, but there was no poo poo on his face, so let's just hope that he didnt. And of course we were home alone, so I (gagging) had to peel off the sheets and deposit the mess in the toilet, occasionally stepping back for fresh air. Then I had to undo the bumper which took me so long, Henry came back into the room (from playing in the other room) to see what I was doing. Saw his binky (all covered in poo) lying on the floor, scooped it up into his arms and sat there watching me. He looked shocked when I yelled no and took his binky away from him. Poor little devil.

Mess dealt with, we ate some raisins on the kitchen floor and decided to go to the lake to meet Papa and the fam who were boating and grilling. It was over cast and rather cool out, which was a pleasant surprise, because I have to say, I had been dreading going out to the lake in the heat of the day. But 79F I can take rather nicely, and no sun screen was a treat too! Took Henry down to the lake with Papa and he just had a blast, total contrast to the last time we took him to the lake. He sat in a few inches of water, naked, playing with the sand, looking for stones and generally swimming around. He is a crazy baby though, he will totally swim out until his whole head is under water and just keep on trucking until you pick him up and take him to shallower water. Danny said he saw blueberries floating around, so they moved to a different part of the water! Fish food!

We left in time to avoid a total melt down and he went straight to sleep when I walked out of his bedroom by 730pm. Lovely surprise after yesterday. Trying to tidy up the mass of toys we are now faced with in this total construction zone of a house. Which reminds me, thank you so much for sending me a hot pink hard hat avid reader! I will send pictures when we move to the new house Wednesday; Henry even got a hard hat for his birthday, so we will both be safe, though his is yellow. By the way, of course the crazy old man is refusing to give us any money for the shed. Typical.

Oh and Happy 4th. Yeay for work tomorrow. NOT.

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