Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puerto Rico begins

Yesterday was long, seriously long. The travelling part wasnt so bad. Henry took a decent nap in his Ergo at the regular time. He ate airport and airplane food and all was looking good. He fell asleep on the drive from the airport to the condo and then we couldnt get him back to sleep when we got here. Hours of crying and us not giving in, then in the end he fell asleep, thankfully. But it didnt last long and I really didnt have the energy to do anything about it, so for the first time in his short life, he slept in the bed with us. oh dear. So of course I hardly slept because I was worried Danny would roll on him and to be honest, he looked so sweet asleep I watched him for a huge portion of the night. I was also hot because we raised the temperature in the room because he was sleeping without a blanket but I didnt bank on him spooning with me under the covers. And my foot was itchy. Put it all together, and the fact that he woke up at 630am, Mummy hardly slept last night. Though I wasnt so worse for wears today, thankfully.

The day started early but relaxed with a leisurely breakfast. Then someone suggested taking a ferry to the island which left at 9am so we rushed around getting ready and were actually out of the door by 830am ish. We drove around to a few of the wrong locations and eventually pulled up to the ferry spot to find out that people line up for tickets at 11pm the night before, to buy the ticket at 1am when the office opens. Needless to say, we ended up back at the condo pool, which was more than fine by me. It was then impossible to get Henry to nap for some bizarre reason. It took 1 hour and 40 minutes and even then he only slept 55 minutes. So he was very very tired this afternoon. We played at the pool again with our little fish. There is a baby pool thats just the right depth that he can wear his floatie and swim around without any help... unless of course he rolls on to his back. Then he is like a little turtle and he cant roll over, getting very annoyed at being stuck.

We had dinner at Ole Lelolai restaurant which was delicious but pricey. I get the impression its going to be an expensive holiday. I had Sea Bass with an olive tapenade and parmessan risotto, which Henry loved! He even ate the sea bass and Theresse's seafood paella.

Tomorrow I think the plan is a snorkel cruise on a catamaran, so we shall see how Henry likes that.

Im exhausted and was rather anxious for tonights bedtime situation, but to my surprise, he went straight to sleep. Thank goodness, I dont think I could have taken another night last night. Thank you H.

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