Monday, July 18, 2011

The end of the trip

Im tired but its been a good holiday.

I managed to get burnt yesterday for the first time. Sucks that I go the whole trip and dont get burnt and get a little toasty yesterday. Not a lot, just a little. Little man has stayed unburnt, thankfully, though he is a little Coppertone Baby with his brown arms and legs and little white toosh.

We had a fun few days at the posh resort nearby. We checked in early saturday morning for one night to get the perks that go with the resort. We took a private ferry to the private island and played on the beach for the day. Jade even stayed in with Henry after he had gone to bed, so that Danny and I could go out together! We took a stroll through the gardens, got dessert and strolled around the marina. Poor little Jadie wasnt sure if babysitters were allowed to go to sleep so she was desperately trying to keep her self awake, to no avail! Then yesterday we went to the beach in the morning where Jade and Danny rented a jetski and Henry played in the sand happily. We dig him a big hole and he just spends hours climbing in and out of it! I managed to get him to take a nap in the Ergo (which of course made us sweat like no bodies business!) and then we all went to the little waterpark on the resort where I took Henry on the tubing slide and he played with Therese and Jade in the kiddie pool. Apparently he got so excited about going down the kiddie slide with his Auntie Jade that he screamed and pointed in the line with the other kids!

Today is a quiet recovery day by the pool, H is napping and Im on my way now.

Tomorrow we head home on a 1pm flight, perfect for nap time in the Ergo. So I guess that means we had better go pack! We have stuff EVERYWHERE!

Going to get one last Pina Colada with dinner tonight, Henry is addicted! I even put some in his sippy cup but he thought I was tricking him so he wouldnt drink it. When he suddenly realised I had given him some, he drank the entire cup!

Oh and butt rash is a little rough when he is sitting in a swim diaper all day and sand gets in the cracks, but hopefully it will clear up quickly when we get home. 1 year doctors apt Friday! Poor little man is going to need a vacation from the vacation to recover!

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