Monday, July 11, 2011

A day on the water

Henry slept like a baby, as it were, though this is a silly saying as babies don't really sleep well at all. So that meant both Mummy and Daddy slept well, which meant everyone was in a good mood this morning! Yeay!

I woke up early and just laid around waiting for H to get up, which occurred around 7am. We walked to the marina and looked at the boats and I was sweating before we got half way home - needless to say, its hot here! I left Danny in bed as long as I could and ended up waking him around 830am to check his email about the boating trip. Turns out you had to be there at 930am so we dashed around getting ready and Danny announces at 855am that he wants to go buy a floatie for Henry. So we head to the store, not stopping to look at a map. hmmmmm. So we get a little off route, but we did end up there, just 10 minutes later than we should have. So Danny flew into the Walmart and then drove to the boat dock like a bat out of hell, which is fine because he was just driving like a Puerto Rican. Speaking of which, there seems to be no rules of the road. People just pull out in front of people onto main roads, drive on the wrong side of the road when they feel like it (no cars along the side of the road to go round and there is a yellow line in the middle), park in the middle of the road... in short, they are crazy ass drivers and Im glad its not me driving us around as Id park up and start crying. And also its really weird seeing island/Mexican style houses and then a bunch of American stuff (Burger King, Pizza Hut, Church's Chicken, Walmart, Walgreens etc). And Danny is truly bothered by the fact that everyone has bars on the houses (windows, doors, patios, yards).

Anyways, we made it to the boat dock a little late, but in good time nonetheless. Since Im sure you love to hear about all of my many poo poo mishaps, Henry did a big stinker and I realised that the diaper thing I carry in my bag was still in the stroller from this morning. Oh dear. So we had no wipes. hmmmm. So I took him to the toilets and stuck his ass in the sink. I mean, its not like I havent done that before, regularly. It was a large catamaran and we got on quick enough to get a seat in the shade, thank goodness. I just think the sun here is so much stronger than at home. Henry was great, he just sat on my lap, dancing to the music. We sailed to a nice white sandy beach where Henry and I played in the sand. He stinking loved it! I kept burying him in the sand and he found it hilarious. He wasnt so keen on the salt water and cried when it went in his face a lot, but he liked sitting at the edge of the waves, as long as I lifted him up for the big ones.

He sat in the floatie (a bumble bee) on the boat with his bucket and spades and played happily for ages after lunch. As usual, everyone loved him and he was continually dancing to the loud music! At the next snorkeling location Danny and I took H with us in the floatie. He liked it alright for a while but I think he just wanted to see us because he would complain while our heads were in the water and laugh and be happy when we looked up at him. So I took him back to the boat and we floated around together next to the boat for a while. More playing in the floatie on the boat deck and lots of crackers and kiwi fruit kept the little man happy as Larry, despite no nap. So on the 3 minute car journey home, he went straight to sleep! He woke up briefly when we got him out of the car and then went straight back to sleep on my shoulder. Such a good little chappie.

After his nap we popped out for dinner and had a super hard time finding somewhere to eat and ended up at Pizza Hut because we were in a hurry. Strangely, everyone in there was Puerto Rican except for one other American looking family. I just think they arent really a culture that eats out all that much. There are tons of bars, just not very many local restaurants. We did drive around for a while looking for somewhere before we gave up and went to PH.

After a bath and a story, Henry went straight off to sleep and fingers crossed for another night like last night because I am whoopped!

San Juan tomorrow I think. Not a moments rest I guess.

Jadie comes in tomorrow night, so hopefully we can rest Wednesday as she will be tired from travelling and will want to play with H.

Oh and Wednesday is Henry's birthday, though with all the presents and parties a bit at a time, I feel like he has had a hundred birthdays already!

I just had a thought (yes, it hurt). I wonder what all of this travelling and activity is doing to Henry's development as a person. I mean, don't most kids just go to daycare and come home; with one family vacation a year, camping in North Carolina. He is a very very sociable person, but is that how he was born? Anna-Prescott and Collier, two of the kids he shares a babysitter with are 10 months apart in age and such different siblings. AP is very shy and quiet, while Collier is a little chatter box. Im sure their mum doesnt treat them terribly differently, so is it just how they were born? Was Henry just born a sociable young man? One of the things people always say about him is what a happy little baby he is, and yes he is a very happy little baby. Surely this is nothing Im doing - he must have just been born that way. Is it something I did pregnant? There is so much we just don't know. I like to think its just the way he is, that way I cant screw him up too much!

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  1. Thinking of you today! Happy Birthday to Henry!!