Friday, July 8, 2011


Every day we find a few more things wrong with this quirky old house, though as I learn to love it more, I fear Danny is distancing himself from it.

Today we learned that the ac pipes under the house are not insulated, so we are cooling our crawl space and there is only one working outdoor faucet, and it's by the front door. Neither thing should be a problem to fix, it just may be turning into a money pit!

Danny put up a temporary fence for the dogs, so it's nice to be able to put them out at night at not have to go with them

Off on our travels tomorrow. Got our baby floaties, our cloth nappies, more snacks than you would have thought one little man could eat in a year. Should be fun. Thought it's any wonder we have room for mummy and daddy's clothes with all the toys, snorkeling stuff and other crap we have packed.

We are mostly moved out of the other house now. Just some random stuff left in the garage, so that is good.

This evening Henry took his first joint bath with Sophia. It didn't go so well because he was super tired, but it sure did entertain the mummies!

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