Sunday, July 24, 2011

Floor work out of a different kind

Some people have yoga, some people watch tv, I have an evening routine of a different kind these days. I tried timing my new floor work out tonight, but it got a little messed up with a phone call to Danny and a quick nibble on some strawberries, but it goes as follows (roughly) taking an approximate total of 30 minutes (if you don't include the distracting husband):
5 minutes to sweep dining room and kitchen
3 minutes to mop dining room and kitchen with snazzy Rubbermaid Reveal (you need one)
2 minutes to text Danny and eat some strawberries
5 minutes to pick up toys. That child of mine needs to learn to put away his own toys.
10 minutes to talk to Danny and eat some more strawberries
10 minutes to sweep living room and play area
8 minutes to mop living room and play area

If you would like to donate to the "buy my wonderful Mummy a robotic vacuum cleaner" fund please send cheques to 126 Daffodil Hill, Apalachian Trail, Will-Never-Get-There-Land, MS, 00000, USA. Made payable to Why Don't Mummies Get Paid. I appreciate your generosity greatly, coz those little buggers seem to be expensive. Alternatively, Christmas is coming up and at my age, a vacuum cleaner isn't a bad present... Don't quote me on that, Im just tired of sweeping this darned beautiful floor already.

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  1. This post cracked me up for a lot of reasons--mostly because I know exactly what you mean. I said to JP this morning: "I hate this dishwasher! It doesn't clean anything. Will you buy me a dishwasher for Christmas?"