Monday, July 25, 2011

Much better, thanks

I am much better today, thanks. I can actually smell the Vicks I am sticking up my nose!

Found the iron but can't find the dog razors as of yet. Why oh why won't my meany husband let me unpack any of these darned boxes! Mind you, he isn't here...

Went over to Quail Creek today to vacuum and clean out the fridge... Poor place is like a jungle. I guess that's what happens if no one weeds in MS for a few weeks. The deer have also gone through the back yard with a fine tooth comb. They were even back there when I went out side for a look this afternoon, and were none to pleased to be disturbed. Snorting and blowing through their noses at me, staring me down, eventually they jumped back over the fence. Poor hostas, hydrangeas, lillies, all gone...

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