Sunday, July 3, 2011

Never a dull moment...

Today we had a first birthday party for our little man. A week or so early, I know, but we are on vacation for his birthday and this was the only weekend we had available.

I have never seen so many birthday presents, what a lucky young man. Thank you all so much. Its funny, I invited people whom I wanted to share Henry's first birthday with him. People I thought were important to him and people that were important to us. I didn't expect everyone to bring a present, or three. Which is silly because I wouldn't go to a birthday party without taking a present, so I should have realised everyone would bring one, but still, it was not necessary and you all are so very generous. It is going to take him a week to play with all of these presents! And I kept some of the ones we have bought him to give to him on his birthday.

I am exhausted. I stayed up until midnight last night decorating his cake, making salsa, chopping fruit, and so on. It might not sound late to you, but I usually go to bed around 1030pm and get up with Henry around 7am, no matter what time I go to bed! Needless to say, today was a little bit of a whirlwind for me! Henry woke up at 630am and I left him playing in his bed til 715am. We had breakfast and skyped Nanny and Grandpa to open our first present - a bumblebee bike, awesome! We played inside and out (before it got too hot) and generally had good times. When Henry went to nap I rushed over to Jill's house to get things rolling, and still I didnt really have enough time! We had lots of food, though most of it went so that was good. Lots of fruit, chips (crisps), crackers, meatballs... The kids all played in the pool for a good long time then Henry ate some cake, though he wasn't too into the whole smashing the cake into his face thing. He opened his thousands of presents and was not happy when each one got taken away so he could open the next! Whilst his papa was in charge of him he managed to throw himself backwards off the bench and landed on his back as I came walking out of the house and obviously went running over there. No blood - this time. Tidy up was quick and easy with lots of willing helpers. As he was playing on the deck right at the end, he managed to cut his foot, with lots of blood this time. Poor baby.

At first the bedtime ritual went more easily than usual, despite being 30 minutes later. Nappy on no problems, pjs on with no crying, to my surprise. But now, at 842pm we are still listening to his wails from his bedroom. He is just over tired we think, but he will not go to sleep. We have both tried to comfort him to no avail, so now we are leaving him, at a loss. 852pm and he is finally asleep.

What a day.

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