Saturday, July 23, 2011

So so sick

Why does this happen to me all of the time? Henry gets a cold from the flight, gives it to me, gets better quickly (thankfully) then I am seriously sick forever more. When I blow my nose I start to cough. When I start to cough it resonates through my whole body with a dry hacking but there is something in that tight chest to come up. Then my eyes get weepy and I confirm that yes, I feel like a big huge piece of crap. In short, I feel terrible right now and am going to bed as soon as I have eaten enough food to stop my stomach from growling; it's 8 pm on a Saturday night, geees I live the high life.

This morning Henry, Tux, Mojo (the last two are our furkids) and I walked to the farmers market for the first time in our lives. It was awesome (apart from my having to pause to blow my nose and hack my little heart out every few steps, oh and having to pick up dog poo). Unfortunately no eggs, I figured it would be getting too hot, but we managed to squeeze another box of peaches, two boxes of blueberries, some more tomatoes, figs and pears into our stroller (yes, Henry had to share leg room with the peaches, poor soul). Now all we need is some good goats cheese and some crusty bread for a mouth watering dinner.

Today we drove to Bolivar, TN to visit Dannys extended family at the lake, despite him having a wedding and staying in Oxford. Yes I am a fantastic wife (are you reading this Danny?). Yes, I realize that probably contributed to my shear exhaustion. Anyways, I'm off to bed, but if you are ever unfortunate enough to feel crappy in the summer please please halve some nectarines, sprinkle them with raw sugar and drizzle a good balsamic vinegar into the pit holes then broil/grill until the tops turn black (about 8 minutes). Absolutely delicious. Very very comforting. In fact, so comforting, I may have two more nectarines before bed! The good thing about this is that you can use slightly unripe nectarines, if you are impatient, like me. Only bad thing about eating this (I'm on my second bowl) is that you have to wait while the nectarines cool down. Ugh.

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